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December 7, 2008

Apples are Bad?

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I had yet another experience today that infuriates me with the thinking in society today. I was driving down my street on the way to the gym and passed by a young mother and her child on the sidewalk to my right. The child, who looked to be about 3, was running slightly ahead of the mother and waved a hand at me as I drove past. I gave the child a big smile and waved back. The mother ran up to the child, picked him up, and gave me a look that would have stopped a grandfather clock.


What the hell did she think I had done? Did she think I was some kind of disgusting pedophile? I have no clue, but what it points out to me is the immediate guilt shown to even the simplest acts nowadays and it is a disturbing trend.


How come we are not allowed to joke with coworkers anymore? Why can’t you compliment someone of the opposite sex without getting slapped with a harassment lawsuit? Why can’t you comfort a neighbor kid when they’ve fallen and skinned their knee without thinking that you’re going to be hauled off to jail the next minute for being a pervert?


Of course it is because of a few bad apples (insert appropriate insulting description here) that have screwed it up for the rest of us normal people.


I am not advocating that we turn pedophiles loose on our children, far from it. I find them to be the most vile form of subhumans. I just don’t think it’s fair that we are made to feel like we have done something wrong when we are just trying to be good people.


I am all about getting rid of the bad apples. But I think we need to recognize them as bad apples, dispose of them properly, and not throw away the whole tree. The vast majority of apples are just fine, and actually good for you.

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