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December 7, 2008

Computer Madness

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My laptop died yesterday. It has been my close trusted friend for 3 years. I wrote all three of my books on it. I have written hundreds of emails, all of my blog entries, dugg hundreds of stories. It has been on my back while hiking, under my seat when flying, in the trunk while driving.


Though it was expensive, it provided me with an honest day’s work, never skipping a beat, never leaving me without a creative outlet. Yesterday the hard drive went to the great hard drive heaven in the sky.


I was simply listening to music from a website (Pandora) when the music suddenly quit. There was no grand display of failure, like you see in the movies. You know where smoke boils out from the case, sparks fly out from the connectors, loud screeching noises emanate from its internals. It was simply playing music one second, and not the next.


Thinking it needed a reboot, I hit the power switch and went back to writing. The familiar Apple bong sound blared from the speakers, and the display flashed on with the friendly Apple logo in the center. I focused back on my manuscript and was startled to hear the bong sound again. What the? Why is it rebooting?


As it turned out, it continued to reboot over and over again 5 times, until I finally figured out, maybe something was wrong. I tried all the usual steps. I powered it off, removed the battery and tried again. It didn’t help. I removed the memory, cleaned the contacts and put them back in. Same result. Finally I got out the system CDs and tried to boot from them. It wouldn’t boot.


Uh Oh… I’ve got a problem. As it turns out I was not booting from the CDs properly (you need to hit the “C” key after the bong). I finally did get an external disk with a good operating system on it, but my hard drive couldn’t be read. It was toast.


So now I stuck using my old PC. After using the Mac for so long, I’m spoiled. I’m used to the way the scrolling works. I’m used to the quick keys. I’m used to where everything is located. This PC is driving me absolutely nuts….


OK, so I can get used to the way that the scrolling works. Again. I can get used to using different quick keys. As well. I can get used to where the different programs are located. Too. But for God’s sake will you stop telling me that my firewall is not turned on and I have unused icons on my desktop…..every 5 minutes……


Keep writing… oh and smiling too. I hope to have a new Mac tomorrow.

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