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December 7, 2008

Driving a cellphone

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I am straying from my usual topic of writing because I have noticed an increasingly annoying trend. People driving like idiots with a cellphone attached to their head.


Today I was running a few errands that took me into the downtown area of San Jose. I was traveling on I280N approaching the 7th street exit and tried to merge to the offramp. There was a line of at least 10 cars all following one moron on his cell phone going about 50 in the far right lane. As I passed them more than half were on their phones and leaving very little space for me to merge. They were like a giant rolling roadblock that I couldn’t get around.


At the bottom of the ramp I was behind 4 cars turning left. The light turned green and we waited for almost 5 seconds because the front of the line was yakking on the phone and didn’t notice that the light had changed. After sloooowly turning the corner he stopped at an intersection where there wasn’t a stop sign in our direction. After a few seconds of honking from frustrated people behind him, he finally moved, but in the process we all missed the next stoplight.


I saw at least three more idiotic moves by people driving with phones, a guy nearly hit a bicyclist, a woman backing up in the middle of the street, etc. You get the idea.


Do I talk on the phone while driving? Sometimes. Do I drive like an idiot while talking on the phone? Probably. So what gives me the right to complain about these others? Because I limit my phone time in the car, I tell people I will call them back, or I wait until I get to the office before calling. Also when I am on the phone I purposely concentrate harder on driving to the detriment

of my phone call. People don’t like to talk to me on the phone while in the car, because I don’t

respond like I do in the office. They may have to wait for a response from me, but that’s too bad. Call me later. I’d rather be safe.


It especially concerns me while riding my motorcycle. I give any car, truck, bus, whatever, a wide berth when they have a phone on one ear. They have a hard enough time seeing me when they are paying attention. When they are on the phone, I know they don’t see me.


So if you have to talk on the phone while driving, remember, you’re first responsibility is to be safe on the road, not to talk to the other person. Don’t be an idiot. Call them later.


Ride Safe

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