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December 7, 2008

Novel is almost there

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My novel is on the home stretch. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before I bore you to sleep with more cliches let me just say that I am very excited. I have had other books published, but this is my first fiction book. And while it is not with a mainstream publisher, at this point I don’t really care. There are a number of best selling authors who started out following this path. Tom Clancy for instance. He was an insurance agent with a penchant for history and liked to write stories. He tried a number of times to get published, but found rejection after rejection. He self published a number of books and got the attention of a large publishing house. The rest, as they say, is history. His novels have sold millions and number of them have been made into blockbuster movies. How’s that for success.


I am not saying that I am the next Tom Clancy, far from it. I am going to write stories that I find interesting. If there are other people out there who are entertained by what I write, that would be fantastic. If I can gain the attention of a major publisher, even better. But I vow to stay true to the kinds of stories that explore the consequences of new technology, in whatever form it takes. That is what I find interesting, and I know there are lots of other readers that feel the same way.


I joined a few months back because I find it a fun way to keep track of interesting people. I try to follow other writers because it allows me to relate to the struggles that they have day to day. It’s comforting to know there are other people going through the same things that I am. If you sign up, I am thenextwriter on Twitter. Follow me and I’ll follow you.


I found a great artist on Twitter that created a really cool cover image for me. I’ll post the image with the book description in a post very soon.


Great writers not only write what they know, they write what they are passionate about. If you can channel your passion to the page, there are bound to be readers who will enjoy sharing it.


Keep writing


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