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December 7, 2008

Real Life isn’t supposed to be like this

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A friend of mine is in prison for murder.

This happened a while ago, but I finally decided to write it down. This wasn’t a close friend. This wasn’t someone that I shared much time with, but it was someone that I talked to a few times a week.

The really weird thing is, this friend is a woman. Shocking, I know. Look at the composition of death row inmates and how many do you think will be women. Yeah, a really small percentage.

She was a lady that I used to see in the gym. She was a mother, and someone that I used to spot when she would lift heavy weights. We would talk and she seemed entirely normal. Someone actually interesting to talk with. She was someone that if single, I have to admit I wanted to date.

Trailer trash is too strong an adjective to describe her, though she had a blush of hardness. Crass, no not really, though she was sometimes loud for a refined woman.

Her body had been modified by the best of surgeons and they did great work. In fact a lot of it. If there was a procedure that could be done, she had it done to the extreme. Gigantic boobs, puffy lips, and tightly stretched face were all precursors to tummy tucks, and other things I don’t want to know about.

There were signs that something was wrong, but nothing that pointed to what she would do. When I met her she was single and dating a few men. I knew a few in the gym that took a fancy to her, but she told me that they weren’t good enough, they didn’t make enough money. She only dated guys that made 250K or more.

She finally hooked up with a chiropractor, quiet, but nice guy. He was Mr Muscle to her Big Chest. It was obvious that he was taking steroids, he had that Hulk look. Everything about his body screamed bigger and broader.

They seemed like the perfect couple, made for each other, but something was lurking beneath the surface and it would soon destroy them. When they were at the gym, they would never associate with each other. It was as if their relationship did not exist. I have no idea whether that was an indicator or not, but I found it strange.

The chiropractor decided that he wanted to play Texas Hold-em for a living on TV. They bought a million dollar condo on the Vegas strip, and would fly down for tournaments. He played pretty well, finishing in the top 200 or so, but never hit the big time. Meanwhile their finances were being stretched to the limit. The entry fees for tournaments were breaking their bank.

I guess one day she finally snapped. One day she couldn’t deal with what was happening to their lives. Her version was that she did it in self defense, but if you saw him, you’d call bullshit in an instant. He was 6’2, 250lbs of muscle, while she was maybe 130lbs soaking wet. He was killed by multiple stab wounds to the chest. I don’t think that’s something that a guy his size would easily let happen, and she didn’t have a scratch.

She was found a couple of days later, hiding in a motel in northern CA. She had apparently tried to kill herself with sleeping pill laced oatmeal, but she couldn’t stand the taste.

She wrote a long letter to the press claiming abuse, etc. by him, but I think she just couldn’t handle being poor. That’s where their lifestyle was taking them, and she couldn’t handle it.

I often ask myself if there was anything that I could have seen that may have prevented it, but there wasn’t. Real life isn’t supposed to be like that.

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