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December 7, 2008

So you want me to kill your mother?

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The contents of this blog entry may or may not be based on fact. It is up to you to determine what is or isn’t. I cannot say.


When I first met your mother she was in really bad shape. As you know, Adriana was barely alive after a prescription drug overdose from a previous facility. Her mouth hung open and she was in an overmedicated drug stupor. We moved her into one of our best rooms knowing that she probably wouldn’t last more than a few weeks.


As you’ve seen, our facility is a single family home that has been converted into a place where caregivers can take care of elderly residents that can no longer take care of themselves. Your mother was just such a person. She couldn’t walk, couldn’t feed herself, she couldn’t even take her own medication. But what she could still do, was recognize when she was loved.


I could see that the years of smoking and drinking had taken their toll. I saw pictures of her when she was young, and you’re right, she was a knockout. Thin, beautiful, and full of life, she obviously made a good wife for her banker husband. When I look at her now, she is barely skin and bones from lack of nutrition and care.


It’s true, the years have taken their toll on the rest of her body, but there is no lack of sparkle in those bright eyes of hers. I could see that at first they were dimmed from the drugs, the overdose, and nutrition, but it wasn’t long until we had them sparkling like fine diamonds.


She’d lost so much weight that her dentures no longer fit properly. She couldn’t chew her own food. I am sure you didn’t buy her new ones, because you expected her to die. I guess we foiled your plans by pureeing her food. We hand fed her spoon by spoon sometimes for an hour or more. We did this three times a day, and we did it with love and caring. We gave her juice, ice cream, and water, hoping that she would gain back her strength.


She responded quickly and at first it was tough. She tried to crawl out of her bed because she didn’t recognize where she was. She’d have miniature tantrums because she didn’t know who was taking care of her. After a few days she finally realized this was her new home. She realized that the people around her loved her and cared deeply about her health. She soon settled in and became comfortable.


She began to eat more, even gained some weight. She seemed to be happy watching the TV and reading fashion or food magazines. I could tell she knew what she was reading because if I handed her a magazine that was upside down, she would quickly turn it over and start paging through it. We gave her pieces of cloth and silk because she loved to fold things. She sat for hours sitting and folding, not a care in the world.


Everyday she seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Not too long ago she was able to take a few steps. She loved to sit in her chair near the sliding glass door where she was able to see outside, but also see the TV. She was mesmerized by the Food channel and seemed to understand what they were doing. She would make a big fuss if someone blocked her view of the TV or the window.


I am not sure who she really thought I was, she never spoke my name. But she always had a smile for me. When I held her hand, she’d look up at me and she didn’t want to let it go. When I did work out in backyard and walked by the window, I could see the smile and the twinkle in her eyes, even through the panes of glass.


So where were you when she got better? Where were you when she could make simple sentences again? Where were you when her face lit up as my wife walked in the door, and Adriana passed out comforting hugs like they were fine candy? Oh that’s right, you had things to do.


You didn’t come to see her for months at a time. When you did you complained about how much you’re paying to keep her alive. You’ve already got all her money, what else do you need? You are off buying new houses, yet you’ve never stopped by with a gift or even a magazine for her to read. You put on a show like you really care, but I see through you as clear as if you were a sheet of tracing paper. It’s all about the money.


When she finally gets sick, you suddenly appear. She’s in the hospital for pneumonia and you rush to her side. You make all the motions like you really care, but I see the real you, I see the crocodile tears. It’s obvious in the way you treat her. It’s obvious in the lack of caring.

Much to your surprise, with the antibiotics, and hospital care, she gets better. She’s soon ready to come back home. But what do you do? Setup a private conference with the doctor to hatch an evil plan.


You want her to die, it’s as clear as the nose on your face. Adriana is too weak to eat, so she’s hooked up to feeding tubes. She’s too weak to drink, so she has a saline drip. She’s getting better by the minute, but that’s not what you want.


You try to enable your plan at the hospital, but they want to discharge her. You fight the discharge, but your appeal is denied. Adriana is coming back to me. Now it’s up to me to enable your evil plan.


We get orders from the hospice nurses that Adriana is under their care. We are ordered to do nothing for her. We are to give her no food, no water. We are only to keep her doped up on morphine. It is a death sentence.


I get it, what you really want, is for me to kill your mother, is that right?


Shame on you for never being there. Shame on you for thinking only of yourself. Shame on you for stealing not only her money, but her dignity. And as for your little plan, you can forget it. I won’t participate. If you want her dead, you do it yourself.

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