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December 7, 2008

The magic outfit

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Writing a new scene today I was reminded of an incident that happened to me about 20 years ago. It was early on a Monday morning. Over the previous weekend I had purchased a couple of new shirts and some new pants. They were what today might be called office casual.


I usually wore jeans and a T-shirt to work so wearing these was actually more dressy than how I normally went to work. That morning I picked out a short sleeved button shirt that had a small vertical print in tiny columns on a beige background.


The pants were light brown and similar to the fabric used in Dockers of today.


As I walked around the facility I got compliments from a number of people, including a number of the hot girls, about my outfit. This didn’t normally happen to me, and I have to admit the outfit really did look good on me. To this day I can’t explain why, or have I been able to duplicate it. For some reason that outfit was just the right color, just the right fit, and just the right combination that made me, well yeah, hot looking. I mean it was almost as if the outfit had a sort of magical quality to it. It really was that different than the rest of my clothes.


Later that morning I was in a meeting with my staff, 8 young software engineers, and I had a black Bic pen that I was using to take notes on a yellow lined tablet. I chewed on the end of the plastic pen slightly as each one of them relayed their status, and slowly flicked the pen back and forth in a nervous motion. I guess I did it to keep awake. After a few minutes of flicking I looked down in horror. The front of my shirt and the right leg of my pants were covered in black dots of ink. Flicking the pen had caused the ink to shoot out of the end of the pen and it flew onto my shirt and pants.


Horrified I immediately went home, changed, and came back to work. The positive comments immediately stopped. I never got another one after that morning.


I tried for a number of years to duplicate the color, style, and fit of that outfit, but I was never successful. For some reason that outfit had the magic combination and I could never again find the right mix.


So once again the pen is mightier than the outfit.

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