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December 16, 2008

Book Proof is here!

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img_0102Yippee, yahoo, and all those other exclamations, the book proof finally came. The cover looks great, the formatting is about what I expected, not great, but not bad. The paper looks good, the size, the look, the feel, everything actually looks pretty darn good. 

I started reading through it and the text looks correct. I did a quick read through the chapters and its seems that all the fixes are in there. All the edits look correct. Then I got to chapter 53. Crap…

In the process of updating the book, I changed the name of one of the characters. I made the interior changes first, then the cover changes. In the process the back cover change didn’t get made properly. The text on the back cover has a different name for the character than the interior text.


How did that happen?

I don’t remember except that I had a hard disk crash in the middle of the process, and I think that I lost one of my change emails where the interior change was made.

Oh well, nothing to do but fix it. I told the publisher to make a one word change to the back cover text and that should do it. I hope they can turn it around quickly. I was hoping to be ready for Xmas, but alas, it’s not to be.

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