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January 10, 2009

Seven Degrees of Separation

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I have to admit this post was inspired by Twitter friend and awesome blogger Alex Moore. After reading her blog ( I felt like I needed to follow her lead. Some details about me are freely available on my website, blog, the internet in general, but a number of details are not. So here are seven things about me that you didn’t know. 

1. I am the oldest of 12 kids. No we are not Mormon or Catholic, South Dakota winters are just very cold (heh). Nine of the siblings are blood relatives and the last three were adopted. Why would a mother with 9 kids want to adopt? A post for another day. 

2. My parents eloped when they were 17 and 18. My mother lost her parents at a young age, and my grandfather didn’t like her, so the only thing for them to do was elope.

3. I never went to Kindergarten. The little town I grew up in, didn’t have one. My first classes were first grade and were held in a classroom that held grades 1-4. I would finish my homework so fast that I listened in to the second and third grade lessons.

4. I have too many hobbies. I ride motorcycles, fly airplanes, water ski, snow ski, work on my own cars, build computers, work on houses, and a million other things. I think my garage has just about as many tools as Sears. My wife calls me the ultimate handyman because if I can’t fix it, it’s time to buy a new one.

5. I have published 5 books. This you can easily find on the internet, but people still don’t connect my blog, and the fiction works that I am working on right now with my nonfiction books. Mainly because they are textbooks used in the electronic industry. I have a group of seven software engineers that I manage day to day, who write tools to build electronic chips. 

6. I love to read technical thrillers. Back in the day, I read everything that Tom Clancy wrote. As I have started writing my tastes have migrated more to mysteries, and thrillers by authors like Joseph Finder, Michael Connelly, and Richard Morgan. My all time favorite author is Michael Crichton and I hope that my work in some way follows what he has done. 

7. I am a gym rat. I go to the gym 5 times a week. I follow the workout program from Bill Philips who wrote the book Body for Life and have been doing so for 15 years. Monday, Wed, Fri, I lift weights. Tuesday, Thur, I ride a stationary bicycle. One week I will do upper body on Mon, Fri, and lower body on Wed. The next week I will do the opposite. I am very muscular for my age, but I don’t have the sixpack abs that Alex Moore covets. It’s probably more like a 12 pack.

That’s it for me. Here’s my list of seven excellent writers and cool people that you should check out. 

  1. Christine Taylor (  – she’s a writer and artist. She did the cover art for my book and did a great job.
  2. Cassie Hart ( – writer
  3. Cathy Scott ( – true crime author
  4. Karen Andersen ( – author and blogger
  5. Miragi ( – writer
  6. Jim Connolly ( – SEO specialist and all around interesting guy
  7. Wil Wheaton ( – yes, that Wil Wheaton, you know Wesley Crusher on Star Trek The Next Generation. I actually got to meet him at Supercon in San Jose this year. He was actually jealous of me for being even geekier than him. 


  1. […] second time was by Douglas L Perry who used the more traditional way of doing it but wow, I learned so much about him! He has such a […]

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  2. you sound like a true renaissance man! glad i met you 🙂

    Comment by Alex Moore — January 11, 2009 @ 2:37 am

  3. Alex, nice to meet you too.

    Comment by douglaslperry — January 12, 2009 @ 4:04 am

  4. Hi,
    not bad…

    Thank you

    Comment by Bodyc — February 5, 2009 @ 3:31 am

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