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January 28, 2009

My Friend, the Murderess

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I’ve written about this topic once before here, but as I was leaving the Livermore gym today, I found out something very intriguing. 

I saw a familiar face, one that I used to see at the San Ramon gym, where I used to work out with the murderess. At the other gym he and I chatted once in a while, but it was just smalltalk. We talked about weights, we talked about other gym rats, we talked sports. 

Today I asked him about her, the murderess. I asked if he knew the story, if he had ever run into her at the gym. He smiled politely, but I could see there was something else. He quickly informed me that the victim was his best friend. 

After I peeled myself off the floor and was able to make lucid sentences once again, I asked him what he knew. As it turns out, he knew everything. He knew about the scams, he knew about the alleged abuse, he knew about the victim’s family, and he was willing to share it all with me. He had actually been interviewed a number of times by the local newspapers to provide background information for their articles. 

It got me thinking once again about whether or not I should write the story. I think this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know the murderer and the victim on some level. I now have access to the victim’s best friend. I think that a lot of people would find the details of the story very interesting.

There are a couple of reasons that I’m not sure if I will write it. First, I don’t know if I could do it justice. I’ve never written anything like it, and I’m sure it would take a lot of time to do a good job. Second, it’s not really my genre. I don’t think it would pigeon-hole me, but it could happen.

I’m going to give it some thought and I’ll post up my decision at a later time. Meanwhile be sure to check out my latest book. Click on it to take you to the Amazon page.


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