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February 17, 2009

Amgen Tour of California

I’m a big fan of anything with two wheels. That includes motorcycles, but also bicycles. I have a very nice steel frame Torelli bicycle with Shimano components that I haven’t ridden for a while. Too busy writing. 

Today I am ultra-excited because the best cyclists in the world will be riding less than a mile from my house. That includes Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, and many others. The street that runs next to the corner store where I buy my groceries, is going to be one of the intermediate sprint finishes. 

I have been a big fan of the Tour de France, especially when Lance was competing. I was glued to the TV every night to see how he was doing, was amazed at some of the sportsmanship displayed by him, as well as some of the other competitors when accidents happened, and what can I say? I’m a big fan of cycling. So it kind of boggles my mind that so many of the best riders in the world will be so close. 

I was out by the side of the road last year with my video camera, and I got some good video, but they went by so fast, that I barely had a chance to see them. It wasn’t a sprint finish, but they were going down the slight hill and went by in just a few seconds. I had waited for three hours, to get a 10 second view. 

This time they will be going up the hill, but since it is a sprint, they will be pedaling as hard as they can and likely fly by again. It might be better to watch them after the sprint, when they slow down a little. I haven’t decided yet. If I get some good shots, I’ll post them up. 

Wish me luck. 

As always, check out my book. 


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  1. luck, my friend

    Comment by Alex Moore — February 20, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

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