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March 19, 2009

Chasing my tail

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I’ve reached the point in my new novel where I have to decide who’s guilty. To non-writers this might seem strange, and even to me, it does. You see, I thought I knew it from the beginning. But then, I didn’t.

I like books with twists and turns, and tend to write the same way. So I don’t know if I have left enough clues along the way that it might seem like my original idea now seems too obvious, or I’ve known it for so long that it’s too obvious to me. Seriously, I don’t know.

I have arranged the three intertwined plots so that any one of the main characters would have reason to kill off one of the other characters. That’s what has given me the flexibility to make the decision later. In fact most of books with interesting twists seem to follow that same strategy. And so now the time has come. I need to write the final scenes and reveal “who dun it?”.

I suppose I could write three endings and see which one I like the best, but that seems like too much work. Especially because I will only keep one. Most likely I am going to go back through what I have written and see what makes the most sense. Then again if it makes sense that contradicts my love of twisting things around.

So there’s my conundrum. I should know in a few days, even though I thought I knew all along. But if I knew all along then a twist would be to make it different. But if I make it too different, it might be obvious, and I don’t want obvious. I should make it obvious because then no one will suspect it to be correct, and that would be a real twist.

I see a tail that I need to chase.

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My latest book

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  1. good problem to have 🙂 i love following the trails my characters leave for me because it’s fun and entertaining and not as boring as the trails i hack out for myself. but i also find it much more difficult and time-consuming to then go back and lay all the (foreshadowing) groundwork leading up to such adventures. Therefore, for me at least, i’ve found it ultimately a better book if I keep at least a semblence of control over the little buggers. Good luck with your adventures!!

    Comment by Alex Moore — March 21, 2009 @ 11:21 pm

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