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May 8, 2009

Kindle DX

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This always happens to me… 

I buy a new gadget, am loving it, and a new version comes out which totally blows away the one I just got. Such is the case with the new Kindle. I just got the Kindle 2 and it’s a great gadget. I know that it can be used for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books, but I only use it for books. Specifically I am reading nonfiction books on it. 

I plan to use it for fiction books, but I first have to finish off the stack of about 10 books next to my nightstand first. I read nonfiction books on it right now, because I don’t want to confuse the different books that I am reading. I always have an audiobook in my car, a new book by my nightstand, and now another book on Kindle. It’s hard enough keeping two fiction books straight, let alone three. 

After seeing the new Kindle DX I’m really tempted to sell my Kindle 2, and pick one up, but I’m not sure. I like the form factor of the Kindle 2. It’s almost paperback size and I think it will be easier to read before going to sleep. Should I or shouldn’t I? I dunno yet. 


My latest book

My latest book

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