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April 7, 2010

How to get people on eReaders

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*I changed the name of this post to more reflect the subject matter*

I’ve heard a lot of complaining from people who don’t want to jump on the e-reader bandwagon, that they like the experience of reading with paper better. It’s true that browsing a newspaper is easier by flipping through giant sheets of paper, but for me, it’s also a pain in the butt. I hate trying to get the newspaper folded just right, so that you don’t elbow your seatmate on the plane when turning pages, or trying to find the rest of the article when it’s way in the back.

So for me, I actually like the large e-reader experience.

However, that being said, there is still one sensory experience missing. So much of our world is experienced through our nose. Smells can trigger strong emtions. Certain smells can trigger fond memories. Smells can make or break a situation. Think about it, you are out on a first date and the other person has breath that peels paint from the wall, no matter how great the conversation was, you’re probably not going out again.

So that’s what’s missing from the e-reader experience, the smell of fresh newsprint. The smell that solid paper from a good book emits.

So Apple, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, if you’re listening, maybe you should add a device to your e-readers that emits the proper smell depending on what your reading. That just might be the thing to get more people hooked.

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