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July 28, 2010

What a job

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A friend of mine has a friend, who writes software. Not your garden variety software, this software is used as the platform to display a lot of porn on the internet. That’s a little different, but that friend has another friend who works at the same company doing quality assurance. His job, if you can believe it, is to look at porn sites all day to make sure they are working properly. That’s pretty weird if you ask me.

I know some guys would love that job, but not me. If I was forced to, I might last a few hours, but then it would get ugly. Not the women necessarily, but I’d get sick of it pretty darn quick.

The software company gets a new benefits plan, and an HR coordinator visits to discuss their benefits. She goes through the standard pitch on the medical plan, the dental plan, the vision plan and moves onto workplace etiquette. She describes abusive situations, things that you are not allowed to do in the office, and finally moves on to computer screens. She describes the things that you can and cannot have on your computer screens, for instance, pornography.

Apparently, no one filled her in as to what the company does.


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