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October 28, 2010

Sales Projections, Yuck

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My writing has slowed lately because I’m trying to start a new company. So instead of writing fiction, I’ve been writing business plans, which I guess could be considered fiction as well, but definitely not as enjoyable to the average reader.

It’s amazing how much work goes into a good plan, but it’s also understandable. If you are an investor about to put some of your hard earned money into a new company, you want to make sure they have thought things through, otherwise, you might as well toss your money into the street.

Coming up with the idea, and how to implement it seems to come easy to me. I love to understand how things are put together and see how I can make them better, or come up with a new idea based on something I have seen.

What’s really hard for me, is to come up with realistic sales projections. It’s not that I don’t care about it, it’s that I haven’t really been on that side of the business in a consumer oriented product. Most of my sales and support experience has been on products where there is a clear technological advantage, so the sales process comes down to, “Do you want 10 or 50?”.

I’ve been told that I need to find a marketing person who has worked in the consumer space, and tap into their experience. Sounds like good advice, now I need to figure out where to dig one up.



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