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September 3, 2009

Get a Clue

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Getaclue08-picture929Don’t you hate it when people get so focused on something that they seem to ignore the big picture?

Today at the gym I’m about a third of the way in backing out of a parking spot when a pearl white Cadillac Escalade pulls up behind me blocking my exit. Seems that she wanted to make sure she got the parking spot two places to my right. You see, it’s the spot closest to gym entrance, one past the handicapped space.

I look over and there are two ladies talking next to a white Lexus in that spot. By her body language and the way she’s leaning on the car, one seems to be the owner, and the other a friend on her way to her car.

I honk my horn and the Escalade lady ignores me. Doesn’t even turn to look in my direction. She is focused on that parking spot. It’s as if that parking spot is the key to her life.

After I honk my horn again, the Lexus lady, finally realizes what is going on, waves at her friend, opens her door, and gets in. After what seems like 5 minutes of loading her bag in just the right spot, putting a towel over the front seat, checking herself in the mirror, brushing the hair from her face, and adjusting the mirror so she can look out the back, the Lexus inches from the parking spot as if she were the only living person on earth. This progress is quickly halted by a Mazda Miata coming the opposite way from the Escalade. It now seems like the Miata has seen the possibility of parking in that spot and has raced around the corner to make a bold move.

The woman in the Escalade locks eyes with the Miata driver and points menacingly to the spot. “This one’s mine bitch” I can almost hear her say. They face each other down almost as if they were two gunfighters from the old west, or two poker players waiting for the other to fold, each one trying to make the other blink. Meanwhile, I’m still a third of the way out of the parking spot, engine running, drumming my fingers on the dash, trying to get the heck out of here and go to work. After another 30 seconds of staredown the Miata driver finally sees the futility of facing off with the hulking Escalade, shoots her an evil stare, and moves out of the way.

I look at my watch I’ve been trying to get out of this parking spot for over 5 minutes now and if I don’t get going soon, I’m going to be late.

The Lexus finally pulls out, the Escalade moves out of my way, and I’m free at last.

But here’s what I don’t get. These women are going to the gym to exercise (one would think anyway). Why didn’t the Escalade simply wait for me to pull out, and she could have taken my spot? There would have been no stress, it would have saved everyone time, probably saved an extra gallon of gas, and Escalade lady would have gotten an extra 40 feet of exercise. Because she didn’t have a clue, that’s why.

Get a clue please.


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